K-Stuff Shopping: Kpop Studded Headbands

I love kpop fashion, but I don’t think I’ll be switching to brightly colored skinnies or hotpants anytime soon. Instead, I’ve ended up buying a lot of kpop-style headbands from Asia. They’re a way of showing my interest in kpop without changing everything about how I dress and look.

One of the styles that continues to be popular in kpop is the studded headband. Artists such as Hyunamembers of SNSDHongki, and Taemin have worn them recently.

Here are some of the kpop-style studded headbands that I’ve tried with links for buying similar ones and suggestions for how to shop for kpop-related accessories online.


This is the most commonly-seen style in kpop videos; it’s widely available and should be one of the cheaper options due to being so popular. This also seems to be the most popular stud headband design globally; I’ve had people I’ve never met before in several different regions tell me how much they like it and want one. (source)


I was nervous when buying this that the studs would easily fall off, but it’s well-made and the studs amuse me because they look like they could either be scary or a sort of halo. (source)


I don’t actually own this style, but it resembles Taemin’s headband from a recent performance, so I wanted to include it. I suspect that if it can survive Taemin’s whirlwind of dancing it should hold up for fangirls. (source)

Three Suggestions when Shopping for Kpop-style Items Internationally

1: Things cost more on sites like eBay if they’re listed as “kpop” or associated with a celebrity such as Hyuna. If you like something worn by an idol, first find the item using the famous search word—for example, SNSD headband—then see which generic search words—such as studded headband—describe the item you like. In some cases, you can buy the same thing for less than half the price by using the more general search terms.

2: Consider making an international purchase. Although we often pay a lot to ship albums and merchandise from Korea, take a look at the prices before assuming that the cost will be too high; a lot of headbands on eBay ship for free or for under $1 to the US—and altogether they end up being significantly cheaper than more commonly-seen accessories bought at a store closer to home.

3: Don’t assume that kpop-style headbands can only come from Korea. I’ve found some great sellers that ship from Hong Kong and China.


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