Recap, Review, and Reality Rating: We Got Married Taemin/Naeun Episode 6

In this episode, Naeun and Taemin cook and play at home, then meet at a café to exchange gifts for Korean Coming of Age Day.

[We Got Married episode 172 airing 130601]

Where to watch with English subtitles (as of 6/07/13): KShowNow (parts 1 and 2)

Previous recaps: episode 1episode 5


What’s in Each Section of this Post

I’ve broken my recap into distinct sections with headers so you can skip the parts that don’t appeal to you.

Recap: a straight recap of the episode with very little opinion or interpretation

Review: my highly opinionated review of the episode

Reality Rating: a completely non-serious +/- rating of the most realistic-seeming and scripted-seeming moments of the episode



130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi0006

Picking up with last episode’s dramatic knife peeling, Taemin and Naeun attempt to peel a pear. Taemin gets anxious as Naeun inexpertly peels. He takes the knife away from her, cuts the pear, and they decide to eat it with the skin on. Taemin rationalizes that the skin has more nutrients.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi0082

They next compete to see how many cherry tomatoes they can stuff in their mouths at once. Each claims to have the biggest mouth as Taemin begins testing his cheeks. He stuffs seven tomatoes in and gets Naeun to feed him the last one. Naeun is laughing so hard that she looks almost pained.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi0124

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi0176

Naeun begins stuffing in tomatoes and Taemin tells her (from behind his seven tomatoes) that she will look like a hamster. She keeps going and shovels in eight, turning away from the camera to hide her hamster cheeks, but showing Taemin her accomplishment. Taemin is impressed.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi0296

Naeun explains in the interview that she has a big mouth and that she could have stuffed in more tomatoes except that she needed to use the bathroom.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi0372

Taemin decides that since they just ate tomatoes they should make something else. Taemin wonders if they should use the deep fryer that they received as a present from Chorong in the last episode. Naeun thinks that they should fry udon, then mandarin orange with its peel.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi0415

Taemin muses in the interview that Naeun had the idea to fry fruit and wonders what’s up with this girl–while wearing a giant smile. He admits that he keeps thinking that Naeun is one level (presumably of random or 4D) above him. He likes challenges, but she is even challenging to him.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi0513

The couple heads to the kitchen and begins piling fruit into the deep fryer basket, including banana peel. They anxiously dump in the basket and wait for it to be complete. When the banana comes out of the deep fryer, they taste the flesh and skin. Naeun comments that it tastes rotten. Taemin samples the skin and nearly comes out of his own skin at the taste.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi0590

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi0668

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi0696

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi0719

Naeun feeds Taemin the burnt part of the banana from the bottom of the basket. That tastes a bit better, but Taemin thinks it tastes like he won’t be alive much longer. Naeun agrees on its tastiness.  She asks if she should make it for Taemin each morning, and he has a look of horror.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi0798

They next make fried udon, putting the sauce on the noodles before frying them. While waiting for it to cook, they decide to play a game seen on the Jung couple’s We Got Married segment, which involves them each wiggling their hands from side to side until the other tells them to stop, then seeing if their hand formation fits together naturally. Theirs does, leading Taemin and Naeun to comment that their relationship is fated.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi0832

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi0857

Taemin suggests that they keep trying until it doesn’t work. Their hands align again. Taemin claims that the crossed formation will come undone. Naeun disagrees until Taemin spins around Naeun while still holding her hands, thus breaking their cross formation.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi0878

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi0977

Taemin remembers something funny and says that if he rings a bell he can make it look like he’s walking up and down stairs behind the counter. He asks if Naeun wants to join him in doing so and whispers into her ear.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi1015

They next pretend to ride down on an elevator. Taemin glides smoothly, but Naeun crashes, likely due to her laughter. They try again and play successfully.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi1058

The udon is finished and they sample some. It crunches noisily and Taemin compares the taste to crunching on sand while eating clams. Naeun thinks it tastes good.

Taemin asks if their first feast together was a success or failure. Naeun says success. Taemin asks why. Naeun replies that it was fun, and that’s what important because it’s the heart that counts. Taemin looks skeptical, but ultimately agrees.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi1123

The show next cuts to a segment, presumably on a different day, when Taemin and Naeun meet at a café. Naeun is sitting and waiting and Taemin walks up, asking if she has been well. Taemin has a strange aura about him, and he asks if Naeun has seen the last episode.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi1169

Naeun replies that she has and that the people all around her such as her friends think Taemin is cool. Taemin says that the people who know him kept telling him off, saying that he didn’t know what he was doing and was just joking around. When Taemin asked them what to do, they replied that he should play hard to get.

Taemin mentions that it doesn’t seem like Naeun likes the sound of that. She asks him why he would need to play hard to get, causing Taemin to respond that that’s the way life goes and if everything is always even with no ups and downs it won’t be interesting. Naeun replies that she doesn’t like that sort of thing. Taemin appears to understand.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi1215

Taemin asks Naeun if she ever thinks when they’re not together about the next time they will film the show together. Naeun admits yes. Taemin asks if Naeun was anticipating the next time they would reunite to film. Naeun replies that, yes, she was awaiting the day. Naeun asks Taemin if he has been anticipating their next filming day and he quickly responds yes.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi1258

Taemin inquires how it felt while waiting for him. Naeun confesses that she had butterflies. The panel in the studio mentions that Naeun is expressing herself a lot today. Taemin is not satisfied with a simple answer of butterflies and wants Naeun to elaborate on the feeling. Naeun says that she missed Taemin, earning a cheer from the WGM panel in the studio, and a delighted smile from Taemin. He crosses his arms over his chest and exclaims that it is embarrassing to talk like this.

In her interview Naeun says that she realized while watching the previous episode that she had a lot of feelings that she wasn’t expressing, and while Taemin would talk a lot and express himself to her, she wasn’t making her own feelings obvious. Naeun says that she felt bad after failing to express herself in the past, and she isn’t sure that she would be able to do it in the future, so she decides to muster up the courage and share more of her feelings with Taemin now.

Taemin says that he didn’t expect to hear that Naeun missed him, but that he liked it a lot. He says that if Naeun knocks on the door to his heart, then he will certainly answer the door, but there’s no going back from a declaration of her feelings after that point because he wants to see this relationship through to the very end.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi1467

A delivery man arrives at the café, bearing flowers. Naeun accepts them, and immediately hands them to Taemin. He asks if she is confessing to him. Taemin realizes that they’re a present for Korean Coming of Age Day, the day on which all people who turn 20 (according to Korean age reckoning) become official adults. Taemin sniffs the flowers and thanks her.

Taemin expresses surprise at the deliveryman arriving. Naeun says that the flowers were supposed to arrive earlier, but due to the busyness of the shop, the delivery was late.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi1556

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi1558

Naeun wonders if Taemin has received many bouquets from girls in the past. He admits that he has, but that he likes her bouquet the most. She pulls out another present for him. Taemin guesses cologne and he is correct. Naeun asks if he likes it as he is delightedly rubbing it all over himself.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi1612

When Naeun asks if he has ever received cologne as a present before, Taemin admits that he has. Naeun replies that he has probably received a lot. Taemin says that he has received just a little, but hers is the one he likes best.

Naeun says in the interview that she actually went shopping with her mom to pick out the cologne since she had never been perfume shopping for a guy. She says that she has received perfume as a present many times and each time she has used it she thinks of the person who gave it to her. Naeun reasons that if she buys Taemin cologne, would that mean he will think of her more?

Taemin says in his interview that he is going to show off his cologne, but then worries that if he shows it off perhaps it will be stolen from him. He says that in the dorms there are many people who touch his things, so perhaps if he keeps it in his bag and keeps quiet about it, it won’t be taken from him. If one of his members were to notice his cologne they might ask from whom he received it, and Taemin would have to admit that it was from his wife, setting off another wave of teasing.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi1681

Taemin asks if Naeun put on any perfume today. She says that she remembered to while in the car on the way over. Taemin smells the perfume on her wrist and says he knows it because he remembers it from when they filmed together before. It was a bit sweet and he liked it. Taemin says he thinks it suits Naeun. Taemin tells Naeun that from now on when they film, he will wear the cologne she gave him and Naeun should wear her usual scent.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi1736

Naeun brings up the fact that on Coming of Age Day there are usually three presents. Taemin lists flowers, perfume, and—he blushes bright red thanks to computer effects. The WGM panel in the studio helpfully yells out popo, a sweet kiss between friends or family, and kisseu, a romantic kiss between lovers, because on Coming of Age Day, the gifts are usually flowers, perfume, and a kiss. Naeun asks Taemin what the last gift is. Taemin exclaims that he doesn’t know because there are only two, right?

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi1811

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi1942

Taemin wonders why Naeun’s clothes bother him so much on this day in particular, causing the camera to zoom in on her lipstick kiss-covered shirt. Taemin asks what the third gift is and Naeun now responds that she doesn’t know. They agree that there must only be two, but Naeun quickly revises and says that there is a third just as Taemin is taking a drink, causing more computer-animated blushing.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi2001

Naeun asks Taemin to guess what the third gift might me. He asks if it’s something you can eat or something you can wear. Naeun says no. He asks if it is an action. Yes. Is it with many people or just the couple alone? She says it can either be alone or with two people. Taemin wonders what it is like with two people. Taemin shifts in his chair. Naeun says that with two people it’s very nerve-wracking. Taemin says that figuring it out is difficult, but Naeun begs him to hurry up and guess.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi2079

Taemin wonders if he should guess in English or in Korean. Naeun tells him to do so in English. Taemin inquires how many letters the activity has. Naeun says the activity has either two letters or four letters. Taemin continues to wonder while Naeun laughs behind her hands. Taemin wonders if you can see the action in movies. Yes. Is it something he likes? Yes. Taemin says he thinks he knows now.

130601 Taemin - MBC We Got Married cut [by 플로라]pt1.avi2163

Taemin lowers his voice and he says that his conclusion is—and the episode ends!



Not much in the way of big events or outings happened in this episode—and it was glorious. For We Got Married couples like Taemin and Naeun that have lots of natural chemistry, the best moments are when they get to just hang out and make each other laugh. These two have a gift for child-like play that is so fun to watch. Their scenes in the kitchen when they just messed around with food and played elevator together were adorable, showing that they have a tremendous ability to connect even with the cameras rolling. The bright colors in the kitchen seem to reinforce the feeling that Taemin and Naeun are a bright and sweet couple.

Perhaps the thing that is most appealing about this couple is that—even in the moments that they seem to create for the purpose of the show such as the ridiculous deep frying of banana peels and in the conversations pretty clearly cooked up by the writers such as the discussion about possibly introducing some ups and downs into their relationship—Taemin and Naeun seem to truly get along, laugh together, and take on a special glow when spending time with each other. Naeun’s laughter that results in doubling over and Taemin’s tripping over words and embarrassed looks point to these two people having an impossibly cute connection.

I never imagined the day I’d want to watch two young people just sit at home and goof around, but Naeun and Taemin are sunshine and puppies and cotton candy and spring breeze, so I vote to let them decide everything for the show from here on out because they’re an instant WGM classic couple. If you’re not watching the show and considering it, please stop denying yourself the pleasure.


Reality Rating

+8 for the eight cherry tomatoes Naeun stuffed into her mouth. I can’t imagine that any girl group member or her managers would be thrilled about smashing a bunch of tomatoes into her pretty image, but Naeun just went for it.

+10 for Naeun admitting that she needed to use the restroom during her interview segment following the tomato contest. I’ve seen that pained look of laughter before, but that’s pretty much the most honest thing said on tv ever. Ten points for a double high five on account of Naeun admitting that nature sometimes calls.

-6 for the number of looks Taemin and Naeun gave the camera and PD while having a clearly scripted conversation about whether they should introduce some push and pull into their relationship. Writers: they’re so entertaining without machinations, so let them just deliver the cute.

+2 for Taemin first inquiring if the third gift is something to eat; he seems to live for food, especially when participating on variety shows. Two for the number of times he has ignored the camera to the point of disrupting filming while chowing down on a variety show.

+2 for Taemin admitting that he has received flowers and cologne before. We all know he has, but stars don’t always give consistent or logical answers on shows. Taemin made past gifts a non-issue by very bluntly admitting that he has received those gifts. Two points for two honest and unhesitating answers.

Total: +16. The Taeun cute triumphed over the writers in this episode, giving them a string of squeal-worthy moments.


3 responses to “Recap, Review, and Reality Rating: We Got Married Taemin/Naeun Episode 6

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  3. Cute comple but it would keep its freshness if their marriage doesn’t last too long. About 13-20 episodes. I don’t wish to lose interest so keep them in few episodes. She can’t cook or be like victoria wife Who was really pretty with nichkhun husband. Na eun and Taemin are growning together but hurry up and hold hands and end this marriage so they Can both show their new sides.

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